Breaking News: Xpriori signs reseller agreement with BeyondRecognition

Breaking News from Xpriori

The Visual Dimension meets Big Data: Xpriori signs reseller agreement with BeyondRecognition

Automatic “Visual Document Clustering” Gives Records Management, Legal eDiscovery, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance a Powerful New Tool for Big Data

BeyondRecognition's Visual-Similarity Clustering automatically processes and groups documents together for document boundary detection and document type classification, regardless of source and format — seamlessly processing native electronic files and scanned documents

Automatic Visual Document Clustering means that visually similar pages are gathered based on their graphical, rather than textual, content.  This avoids the errors normally encountered in extracted or generated text and leverages non-text graphical elements such as logos, form elements and other objects to greatly improve accuracy.

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 Download the BeyondRecognition Product Brief (pdf)

 Whitepaper: Using BeyondRecognition™ and OrcaTec™ together — 
Using Visual Similarity Clustering and Text Based Technology Assisted Review on a Collaborative Basis


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