Bringing e-discovery inside: 12 tips for in-house counsel

Source: Canadian Lawyer InHouse
Author: Jim Middlemiss
When it comes to e-discovery, legal departments across the globe are looking for the best ways to manage the growing digital tide of information swamping their companies. Discovery is one of the most expensive tasks when it comes to managing litigation or responding to regulatory actions, and with the advent of electronically stored information it is becoming unwieldy to manage the various caches of data, ranging from documents and reports to emails and social media.

A spring GC Value Insights report published by the Association of Corporate Counsel shows a growing trend among Fortune 50 companies to insource or centralize e-discovery. The ACC spoke to 17 general counsel from the top Fortune 50 companies and most indicated they are finding value by managing some aspect of e-discovery in-house, as opposed to simply dumping massive amounts of data on their external law firms and letting them call the litigation shots. Read More