Digital Pattern Processing

Xpriori’s vision is providing the infrastructure engine solutions for the next generation of information management using its patented Digital Pattern Processing (DPP) technology. Digital pattern processing is a term coined to describe a technology that is well-suited to the high speed indexing, searching, identification and manipulation of large volumes of data based on arbitrary criteria. It is highly patented and its development libraries have been in use for the past decade in a variety of settings.

Potential applications of this technology are extremely varied. Content services including content management, content aggregation, content delivery, data analytics, project and workflow support, are only a few of the application areas that can benefit from DPP. In general, DPP offers a new approach to solving computational problems that are typically beset by scaling difficulties, making it possible to implement applications that may hitherto have been considered impractical.

DPP is the perfect match for XML management and XML Storage. With our highly flexible XMS product – a truly native and fully transactional XML db or XML Server – Xpriori enables developers to provide innovative solutions particularly in the business intelligence, data analytics tools and content services markets.

Relying on the structure of XML – no shredding or rows and columns-- XMS provides a fully self-constructing XML db with special capacity to support unified information management systems and the development of tools for dynamic content and information management. XMS deploys in open systems computing environments, including Windows, Solaris, and Linux.

Illustrating the broad capacity of XMS, the Company has developed three end user solutions that deploy with XMS – Insight, a powerful heuristic discovery, exploration and data analytics tool; XCM, a robust decision support application featuring advanced content management, collaboration and knowledge base, supported with corporate search and OCR functionality and ProNalysis, an early case assessment (ECA) tool.