Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Xpriori can assist your GRC team in two respects: (1) repository support; (2) application development on XMS.

Repository Support

XCM is ideal to support workgroups dealing with Governance Risk and Compliance (“GRC”) issues with a flexible repository. Even where there is strong Enterprise Document Management, information is often stored in the wrong place – particularly information that can be embarrassing or indicative of non-compliance. XCM supports workgroups dealing with these issues in the follow ways:

  1. XCM automates the collection of information from disparate sources or folders on the network;
  2. XCM is your silent work companion, it copies and migrates copies of the files without interrupting day-to-day operations and without notice to the custodian;
  3. XCM automatically identifies metadata, carries it forward and indexes it along with text for full scale Boolean searching on text, metadata, and combinations of text and metadata – i.e. find all pdf files with Smith within five words of Jones;
  4. XCM does any required OCR work;
  5. XCM enables the creation of special Research Folders (virtual folders) for aggregation of information and the Research Folders can be accessed by all members of the team;
  6. XCM offers unlimited Annotation capacity through which workgroup members can share thoughts about particular documents and the Annotations become part of the searchable store; and
  7. XCM enables the easy extraction of copies of files from the store for further sharing or use.

The Xpriori team can help you with set up; can provide expert assistance in review and, particularly, in litigation or compliance settings can provide experts who can conduct review. These experts may be independent contracts identified by Xpriori. Xpriori can also maintain your repository offsite which may be useful in certain sensitive activities.

Application Support Using XMS

XMS is ideal database for use with XML and XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), the freely available, market-driven, open, global standard for exchanging business information. XBRL is often used in the development of GRC directed applications. XBRL allows information modeling and the expression of semantic meaning commonly required in business reporting. XBRL is XML-based. It uses the XML syntax and related XML technologies such as X-Query, XML Schema, X-Link, XPath, and Namespaces to articulate this semantic meaning.

The Xpriori development team is aware of all aspects of management and storage of XML and can help you with your development projects using XMS. Xpriori can do development work at affordable rates and works both on shore and offshore. Xpriori’s partner in Japan, CyberTech, maintains a development center in the Philippines which is entirely familiar with XMS and XML and with whom Xpriori works extensively.