FirstCull™ delivers early assessment of file types, email headers and deNISTing

Xpriori FirstCull for ECA of file types, email headers and deNISTing

Note: Xpriori Pronalysis is now FirstCull™. If you've reached this page from a search for Pronalysis, you have reached the right page! 

FirstCull is an early case assessment (ECA) and smart-analysis tool designed to analyze unstructured information. The solution is simple - an easy to use application that runs on any computer and automatically performs in-depth examinations of millions of files, directories and their contents. Here is how it works - Point FirstCull to the files you want to analyze; the program automatically scans and assesses that data (from hard drives, entire computers, servers, removable media, whole networks, etc.) and then generates a series of easy to read reports that categorically detail the key attributes about that information. Use FirstCull in all stages of eDiscovery, early case assessment, culling, denisting, compliance, litigation readiness, forensics, records retention, email assessment and a whole lot more. Start smart by using FirstCull for Early Case Assessment.

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