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Xpriori is pleased to offer on a hosted basis, the powerful Nexidia Audio Discovery OnDemand web-based service that gives you fast access to audio files for discovery and compliance review, without the cost and IT demands of traditional licensed software.

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Nexidia Forensic Search

The service includes Nexidia Forensic Search, specially designed to allow reviewers to quickly conduct predefined searches, and drill deeper into evidence with simple and powerful search tools. With just a few clicks, recordings of interest can be exported to trial presentation software and other applications.

Register here to view a demo of Nexidia Forensic Search in action. Xpriori manages the hosting so you have a reliable source to resolve problems and issues.

Unbeatable Processing

When regulatory agencies or courts dictate short deadlines, Audio Discovery OnDemand is the only service that can make your entire body of audio content available for search in as few as five business days. Original recordings are never altered in any way, all the evidence you gather is fully protected, and all metadata is intact.

Put the Audio Experts on Your Team

We offer Nexidia’s experience in intelligence, call centers, and rich media works and the ability to process 35 languages, develop specialized terms sets and concept searches — Nexidia is the speech analytics expert.

Nexidia’s patented phonetic technology is combined with deep experience in search and analysis of all types of audio. The combined Xpriori and Nexidia teams will work with you to help you quickly locate relevant content, and eliminate the tedious processes involved with human listening and transcription.

Audio recordings become easily reviewable without the costly process of manual transcription or human listening.

Nexidia's patented technology quickly indexes large volumes of recorded audio using phoneme patterns - providing higher accuracy than dictionary-dependent, speech-to-text based audio search. Our advanced query technology and metadata integration allows reviewers to drill directly into the audio content. The result is highly relevant searches that can be quickly used to support your position or case.

Our Audio Discovery is:
  • Highly Efficient: Review audio content quickly and efficiently while eliminating errors that typically result from manual listening
  • Extremely Accurate: Returning highly accurate results
  • Powerful Evidence: Leveraging the powerful impact of actual voice tone and inflections by using audio files rather than written transcripts
  • Proactive: Monitors for litigation, compliance, internal, and regulatory issues
  • Cost-effective: Saves up to 60% of transcription and manual listening costs

Please contact us for more information, or click here to register and to get access to the product demonstration.

White Papers:

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